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Guo Wenqing Investigated and Guided the Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Yiliang County of Yunnan Province

On April 15, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman, led a delegation to investigate and guide the targeted poverty alleviation in Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, as well as visited and offered condolences to the China Minmetals’ cadres of attachment in Yiliang, Zhenxiong and Weixin, during which investigation period Mr. Guo also met with Mr. Yang Yalin, Secretary of Zhaotong Municipal Committee, Mr. Guo Dachin, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Zhaotong respectively, and conducted in-depth communication on the progress and the metal and mineral industrial poverty alleviation in Zhaotong city.

Guo pointed out that China Minmetals has undertaken the task of targeted poverty alleviation for Zhenxiong, Yi Liang, and Weixin of Zhaotong City since 2002, by appointing cadres of attachment, providing direct financial assistance and promoting cooperation in industrial projects to actively strive for the targeted poverty alleviation. In particular, China Minmetals has continuously stepped up its investment with an increasing rate of three times a year, which provides strong support and assistance for the poverty alleviation work in the three counties since 2017. In the future, China Minmetals will fulfill the obligation to further strengthen communication and exchanges with Zhaotong city, deepencooperation in metals and minerals and other industries and actively participate in the municipal infrastructure of Zhaotong for the local industrial poverty alleviation to jointly win the battle against poverty.

Yiliang county, located in the hinterland of Wumeng Mountain, is typically mountainous with county seat 800 meters above sea level and the elevation difference 2,260 meters (the highest elevation 2,780 meters and the lowest 520 meters) and the mountain area accounting for more than 96% of the county's land area, which makes the county's ecological environment sensitive and fragile with a total of 622 geological disaster points. The county has a total population of 616,900, with 101 poor villages and 28,991 poor households.

How have the Poverty Alleviation projects funded by China Minmetals been implemented? What is the process of poverty relief for the filed poverty-stricken households? How can China Minmetals combine its own characteristics with the impoverished counties to carry out targeted poverty alleviation in a better and more accurate way? Concerning about these issues, Mr. Guo and his delegation arrived at the funded Heping Primary School of Qianshan Town, Yi County after three and a half hours of bumps on the mountain road at noon on the April 17th . Guo was very pleased to see the school has played an important role in the local area. From time to time he asked the details about how well the pupils eat and whether they are warm. On the new funded playground, the student representatives of Heping Primary School presented bright red scarves for Mr. Guo and his entourage in a simple and dignified charity donation ceremony while love parcels were donated as gifts to more than 220 students of the school on behalf of China Minmetals.

After the investigation in the Heping Primary School, the delegation continued to drive deep into the mountains, with rugged roads and stones falling along the way from time to time, to carry out research on the funded drinking water project of Qiaoshan Town. Due to the severe water shortage, it is very difficult for the 20, 000 villagers in Qiaoshan to drink and use water, most of whom even take baths once a few months. Thus the Qiaoshan Drinking Water Project is a major project of people's livelihood in Yiliang which will benefit 22,328 people in five villages of Qiaoshan and solve the production and living water problem for 15,810 peasant households and 5,915 filed poor people together with the 4,280 teachers and students in 6 schools and in Ji Town of Anle Village after completion. China Minmetals has been investing nearly 10 million yuan into the project since 2018.

After listening to the report from the person in charge of the construction site, Guo stressed that the Qiaoshan Drinking Water Project is very important for the happiness of the local people, which has been attaching the great concern and support of China Minmetals, specially sending the expert team in the early stage for the technical support. Now it is pleased to see half of the project has been carried out. At this critical moment, the project leaders from both the town government and the construction side should highly take up their responsibilities, making good use of the funds to create the high-quality project which will truly benefit the people and safeguard the water use problem of the filed impoverished householders, ensuring the implementation of the “rural poor people have no worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing” (by President Xi Jinping) in Qiaoshan .

During the research period with investigating and inquiring all the way, Mr. Guo pointed out that the relocation of different places was a key step for the poor households to get rid of poverty which requires every effort to relocate and centralize the poor households scattered on the hillside when learning about the difficulties existing in the relocation of Qiaoshan Town. With the drinking water project completed and the industrial poverty alleviated, the sustainable poverty alleviation and prosperity can be conditionally achieved in Qiaoshan town. He therefore instructed the cadres of attachment to carry out in-depth investigation on the relocation and the industrial poverty alleviation in Qiaoshan town, and, with the support of the local government, a feasible plan should be put forward, which will also be fully assisted by China Minmetals.

After listening to a report from the main leaders of Yiliang county on their work to alleviate poverty, Guo stated that “it is a solemn commitment made by the CPC Central Committee at home and abroad with President Xi Jinping at the core to win the battle against poverty and to tackle the problem of poverty as a whole in the history of the Chinese nation, which is of great political and far-reaching historical significance”. As one of the central SOEs, China Minmetals will continue to study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New era. Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on targeted poverty alleviation, China Minmetals, adhering to the principle of "poverty alleviation with aspiration and intelligence ", will attach great importance to the battle against poverty in the targeted impoverished areas as a primary task of fulfilling the political, economic and social responsibilities, focusing on targeted poverty alleviation, and increasing investment in education and industrial poverty alleviation to strive for the problem of long-term development in the poverty-stricken areas.

In view of the targeted poverty alleviation of China Minmetals in the three counties of Zhaotong, Mr. Guo required to adhere to the important principle of the precise poverty alleviation and targeted poverty relief with the very concentrated delivery and display and no any scattered and inefficient poverty alleviation; to aid in education, livelihood and industrial poverty alleviation to form a character of China Minmetals; to increase the support and the purchase for the characteristic agricultural products by the three counties of Zhaotong in the whole system trade union organization of China Minmetals and in the canteen and other organizations to make every effort for the local cooperatives to develop industrial poverty alleviation.

Concerned about the work and living situation of the cadres of attachment, Guo asked the China Minmetals Poverty Alleviation Office and other relevant departments to increase their care and support for these cadres while the three cadres were sincerely hoped to fully understand the glory and hardship of the work, give full play to the role of bridges and ties, perform well in the communication between China Minmetals and the poverty-targeted counties, and conscientiously implement the poverty alleviation strategy and intention of China Minmetals, which will accelerate the alignment and implementation for the all-around poverty alleviation.

Mr. Liu Caiming, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of China Minmetals, Mr. Zhao Changsheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhaotong Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, Mr. Wang Yunlin, Deputy Director of the Party and Mass Work Department of China Minmetals, Mr. Luo Guanghua, Deputy Secretary-general of Zhaotong Municipal Government, Mr. Ge Fenglong, Deputy secretary-general of the government and Deputy Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office, Mr. Chen Xiangbin, Deputy Secretary of Yiliang County Committee and County Mayor, and Mr. Luo Jun, Deputy County Magistrate together accompanied the investigation.