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Guo Wenqing and his delegation held working talks with Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee Secretary Chen Hao and Yunnan Provincial Governor Ruan Chengfa

On April 15, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Party Group Deputy Secretary of MCC Chairman, led a delegation to visit Yunnan, during which he called on Mr. Chen hao, Secretary of the Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and Mr. Ruan Chengfa, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Yunnan. On the basis of good cooperation, the two sides have carried out in-depth exchanges on further deepening enterprise-local cooperation, speeding up the project implementation, promoting high-quality development of enterprises and targeted poverty alleviation work.

Mr. Guo expressed his thanks to Mr. Chen for the warm reception and the long-standing support from Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government to China Minmetals and MCC Group. He pointed out that, since the strategic recombination in December 2015 of the former China Minmetals and the MCC Group, two of the Fortune Global 500, China Minmetals has been greatly improved in all directions, including the management efficiency, the value creation ability, the industry status, and the development quality, with a growing momentum for development. In 2018, China Minmetals delivered over RMB 500 billion in operating income together with the best profit performance and the total under-management financial assets of RMB 1.86 trillion, hitting record highs, which not only successfully completed the assessment task of the State Council's SASAC, but also achieved the second-step goal of "quadrupling in three steps" at a high level than expected. Now, China Minmetals is building a business system featured by "four beams and eight columns" regarding metal mining, metallurgical construction, trade logistics, and finance and real estate. China Minmetals not only has the function of state-owned capital investment company as well as the capital ability and management ability to obtain resources, but also will continue to look for world-class high-quality mineral resources based on its own resource strategy in the future, thus conscientiously assuming the mission of ensuring the supply of national metal resources.

Guo emphasized that there is established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship between China Minmetals and MCC with Yunnan Province.With the strong support of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Yunnan Provincial Government, it is pleased that the business of China Minmetals and MCC in Yunnan has a good and sufficient momentum of development. At present, as Yunnan Province is in the stage of large-scale construction and development, China Minmetals and MCC look forward to further developing their own advantages, deepening cooperation with Yunnan Province, expanding cooperation fields, and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Yunnan Province.

Mr. Chen welcomed the visit of Mr. Guo and his delegation, introduced the development and prospects of Yunnan Province, and reviewed the history of friendly cooperation between the two sides. He pointed out that Yunnan Province has carried out long-term friendly cooperation with China Minmetals and MCC, which has achieved initial results since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, with the further expanded and upgraded cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen the communication and exchanges, consolidate the strategic synergy, exploit the complementary advantages, innovate the cooperation ways, and actively promote the full cooperation in the development of the metal mining industry and infrastructure, headquarters bases, and the construction of small towns with characteristics. He also suggested that the projects under discussion should be initiated and advanced quickly; the projects signed in the framework agreement should be carried out efficiently; the construction of the Yunnan base of China Minmetals should be accelerated, combining the advantages of the central SOEs and the local enterprises, and introducing more powerful enterprises to participate into the construction for the purpose of the mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Mr. Ruan expressed the view that there exists a good cooperation foundation between Yunnan Province and China Minmetalsi with prosperous cooperation potential. All relevant departments of the Yunnan provincial government will, in accordance with the request of Secretary Chen Hao, step up the docking with China Minmetals and fully implement the strategic cooperation agreement signed between the Yunnan provincial government and China Minmetals in March 2017. Each special work should refine the task goal, discharge the timetable, clear the responsible person, speed up the project implementing.

Mr. Zong Guoying, Member of the Sanding Committee of the Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Mr. Cheng Lianyuan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Committee, Mr. Liu Caiming, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant and Member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, also attended the meeting, together with Yang Jie, Secretary-General of the Yunnan Provincial Government, Huang Yunbo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Huang Yunbo, Director of the Provincial Poverty Relief Office, Chen Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Wang Xiliang, Mayor of Kunming City, Zhao Yongping, Director of the Yunnan Provincial Industry and Informatization Department , and Wang Yunshan, Director of the the Yunnan Provincial Transport Department, Liu Gang, Director of the the Yunnan Provincial Water Resources Department, Luo Zhaobin, Director of the Yunnan Provincial SASAC, as well as the leaders from China Minmetals headquarter and the affiliated enterprises including Zhang Mengxing, Wang Jionghui, Liu Fuming, Li Yuzhuo, Huang Guoping, Bai Xiaohu, Tang Zaorong, Zheng Wei, Yang Kui, Wen Feng, Wang Yunlin, Wang Xiaodong.