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Guo Wenqing met with Deloitte China CEO Zeng Shunfu and his delegation

On march 22, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman, met with Zeng Shunfu, Deloitte China CEO and his delegation. Two parties had an in-depth discussion on further deepening and extending cooperation.

Mr. Guo extended the warm welcome to Mr. Zeng and his delegation, and express the gratitude to Deloitte China for the long-standing professional service to China Minmetals and MCC. Mr. Gou also introduced the development situation after the strategic restructuring of China Minmetals and MCC which are both world top 500 enterprises. Mr. Gou introduced China Minmetals, guided by the “quadrupling in three steps” development strategy, delivered over RMB 500 billion in operating income together with the best profit performance and the total under-management financial assets of RMB 1.86 trillion, hitting record highs in 2018. For achieving the “three steps” task, now China Minmetals is strengthening the ability of acquiring the copper, nickel, lead and zinc and relative metal resources , improving the allocation of mineral asset globally and integration of production, supply as well trade for realizing the goal of “ Lead China and World Class” metal and mineral corporation persistently.

Guo stressed that the management quality is the key foundation to the realization of enterprise’s good development. The professional advice from external consulting organizations are also important. China Minmetals is a highly internationalized corporation with large portion of oversea asset. Recently, with the board international vision and sufficient information, Deloitte China has established a favorable cooperative relationship with China Minmetals and MCC and provided constructive advices on internal audition, management improvement, asset operating situation and the enhancement of asset and capital structure. Based on the well-cooperated foundation, Guo hope two parties strengthen the communication and deepening the cooperation on the fields of internal control for promoting the continuous improvement of oversea asset supervision.

Mr. Zeng expressed the appreciation for Guo’s warm reception and China Minmetals and MCC’s the long-stand support to Deloitte China. After introducing the development and main service field of Deloitte China, Mr. Zeng pointed out that Deloitte China has committed to providing the professional audit service to Chinese enterprises, facilitated the enterprises on identifying and unveiling the operational risks as well as the improvement advice. In the future, Deloitte China will fully play its advantages and serving ability on providing professional advices and solutions to China Minmetal and MCC’s internal control and compliance operation overseas, supporting the “going out” strategy and realizing the goal of world first class metal and mineral corporation.

Both parties also made a discussion on the mutual concerned issues in the meeting.

Liu Caiming, Senior Vice President, Party Group member, Chief Financial Officer also attended the meeting. Other attendees were, Fu Jianchao, Wu Jiayuan, Mayanmei, Shen Yanfang, Chen Wenlong, Kuang Chenggong, the relevant partners of Deloitte China and Deloitte Australia, together with the leaders from China Minmetals including Zou Hongying, Xue Fei, Zhang Shuqiang, Zhao Xiaohong, Fan Wanzhu, and Zhang Zhanbo.