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Guo Wenqing Meets with Hunan Provincial Standing Committee Member and Changsha Municipal Committee Secretary Hu Henghua

On March 11, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman, met with the visiting delegation headed by Mr. Hu Henghu, CPC Hunan Provincial Standing Committee Member and CPC Changsha Municipal Committee Secretary. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on further deepening cooperation in various fields in terms of the new energy and the new materials industry.

Mr. Guo extended a warm welcome to Mr. Hu and his delegation, and expressed his gratitude to the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and Changsha Municipal Committee for their long-standing support for the development of China's Minmetals affiliated enterprises in Hunan. At the same time, He recalled the friendly scenes in which both sides jointly attended the ceremony of China Minmetals’ National New-energy Materials Demonstration Base and Tongguan Base of Changyuan Lico in Changsha last year, and introduced China Minmetals, guided by the “quadrupling in three steps” development strategy, delivered over RMB 500 billion in operating income together with the best profit performance and the total under-management financial assets of RMB 1.86 trillion, hitting record highs in 2018. China Minmetals has more than 200 billion yuan worth of assets in Hunan province, which is arguably the province with the broadest strategic distribution and the largest total assets. China Minmetals has a long-term foundation of friendly cooperation with Hunan Province and Changsha City. The two sides have forged a deep friendship in the process of cooperation while the economic benefits and operational efficiency have yet to be further excavated and improved.

Guo stressed that he attended and studied Premier Li Keqiang's report on government work on the day of the opening session of the second session of the 13th National people's Congress. The report points out that it is necessary to "accelerate the development of emerging industries" and "reduce the cost of electricity consumption in manufacturing". It is hoped that Hunan Province and Changsha City can provide more preferential policies and support on electricity price and construction land for China Minmetals. With the enterprise spirit of “No work should be delayed for even one day”, the relevant departments of China Minmetals headquarters and the affiliated enterprises will effectively improve the working efficiency to shorten the design and construction period, and fully promote the production and the phase-II construction of new energy materials project, and accelerate the establishment of the Central Research Institute of China Minmetals’ new-energy materials, laying a solid foundation for building China's largest industrial base of new-energy materials in Changsha.

Mr. Hu Henghua expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Mr. Guo and for the long-term development of China Minmetals and MCC to Hunan Province and Changsha City. Hu introduced the strategic thinking and related work of the development of new energy and new material industry in Changsha. He pointed out that the local government has established the strong and solid cooperation with China Minmetals and MCC over the past years. It is attached great importance to the incubation and development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries. In the previous year, the commissioning of the China Minmetals National New-energy Materials Demonstration Base has injected new impetus to Hunan Province's economic and social development. It is hoped that the two parties will continue to rely on the production and operation of Tonguan Base of Changyuan Lico and the construction of the Phase-II construction, and jointly promote the development of the new material industry. The local government will actively coordinate to create more favorable conditions for the rapid advancement of the China Minmetals National New-energy Materials Demonstration Base in terms of preferential electricity prices and construction land, jointly contributing to the development of China's new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.

At the meeting, the two sides also carried out extensive and in-depth communication and exchanges on specific issues in cooperation, and reached a consensus. Mr. Zhang Zhaoxiang, Deputy General Manager and Party Committee Member of China Minmetals, was also present in the meeting. Other attendees were Mr. Tan Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Party work Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone; Mr. Lei Shuchao, Director of Changsha Municipal Liaison Office in Beijing; Mr. Zheng Yiren, Deputy Director of Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Changsha, together with the leaders from China Minmetals headquarter and the affiliated enterprises including Xue Fei, Li Yuchao, Zhao Zhishun, He Jianbo, Xie Jianguo, Hu Liuquan, and Yi Shuguang.