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Guo Wenqing Meets with Minister of Mining of Chile

On November 12, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals President and MCC Chairman, head a meeting with the visiting Chilean delegation headed by Minister of Mining Baldo Prokurica. Both sides exchanged views on how to strengthen cooperation.

Guo welcomed the guests, looked back on the long-time sound partnership between the two, and briefed the guests on the recently-concluded 9th annual meeting of China-Chile Business Council and the First China International Import Expo. Guo said, at the expo, the China Minmetals delegation visited the exhibition booth of Codelco and signed with the latter a five-year contract for the procurement of electrolytic copper worth RMB10.5 billion.

China Minmetals strives to become a country-leading and world-class metal mining corporation, and has a workforce of 200,000 and RMB1.68 trillion assets under management. The company has pressing needs in the development of such metals as copper, nickel, lead, zinc and lithium. He hoped that Minister Prokurica would support China Minmetals and Chile to fully tap their respective strengths, expand and deepen cooperation, and create more cooperation opportunities in investment, acquisition & merger, and long-term agreement trade, for win-win results.

Mr. Prokurica thanked Mr. Guo for the hospitality and sent the greetings from President Sebastián Pi?era of Chile. He said that China and Chile enjoyed a friendly past and a promising future. Chile is rich in copper, cobalt, lithium and iron, and is a big exporter of raw metal materials. Chile looks forward to expanding cooperation with China Minmetals in the field of metal resources, and on top of that, developing more higher value-added cooperation projects such as copper smelting and lithium battery manufacturing, as well as the gravity concentration of the tailings which produces both economic and environmental benefits that are valued by President Pi?era. These moves are expected to bolster China Minmetals' international expansion, and create new drives for the economic and social development of Chile.

Both sides also discussed topics of common interest such as the metal resources in Chile, the metal smelting technology and the mode of exchange and cooperation, and agreed to set up taskforces for follow-up work. Then gifts were exchanged.

Other attendees of the meeting included Chilean Ambassador to China Luis Schmidt Montes, China Minmetals Vice President Jiao Jian, Chilean Minister-Counselor JoséM. González, Chilean cabinet director Havel Gupman , Antonio Canale-Mayet, director of the International Relations Office of the Office of the Minister of Mining of Chile, as well as Xing Yan, Lu Zhifang, Li Zhicong and Zhao Jing from the head office and directly affiliated subsidiaries of China Minmetals.