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Mr. Tang Fuping Met with Heinrich Hiesinger, Chairman and CEO of thyssenkrupp AG

On March 26, Mr. Tang Fuping, Chairman of China Minmetals Group, met with a delegation led by Heinrich Hiesinger, Chairman and CEO of thyssenkrupp AG, to discuss cooperation opportunities between the two sides in detail.

Mr. Tang extended a warm welcome to the delegation and reviewed the history of friendly cooperation between China Minmetals and thyssenkrupp AG. He pointed out that China Minmetals is an active advocate of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and has continuously expanded and deepened international cooperation with countries along the routes of the Initiative in recent years. The state-owned metallurgical construction contractor--China Metallurgical Group holds 90% domestic market share and 60% international with projects all over the countries along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative. China Metallurgical Group holds advanced technology, extensive experience and top-skilled talent in pipeline corridor construction, sewage treatment, soil remediation and other fields. As China’s environmental protection regulations are getting more stringent, the environment protection related businesses will embrace more favorable external environment and historical opportunities.

Mr. Tang said that cooperation between China Minmetals and thyssenkrupp AG is extensive and has bright prospects. He hoped that the two sides should build upon past cooperation in steel trade and EPC project construction, further strengthen communication and exchange, and expand and deepen cooperation in accordance with the principle of mutual benefits and win-win.

Heinrich Hiesinger expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and congratulated Tang Fuping on the achievements of China Minmetals since the restructuring. He spoke highly of the existing cooperation projects between the two sides and introduced business activities and development ideas of thyssenkrupp AG. He said that China Minmetals is an internationally-renowned company with commendable cross-industry operation capabilities, and thyssenkrupp AG is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with China Minmetals in engineering construction, trading of metal and mineral products, supply of mining equipment and technical services, environmental protection technology and other fields. The two sides will work together to support the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s environmental protection efforts.

The two sides also identified the challenges and problems in current cooperation and appointed liaison officers and departments. They agreed to resolve relevant issues as quickly as possible through consultation and close cooperation.

CMC’s leaders Zhang Zhaoxiang and Jiao Jian attended the meeting. Related personnel of thyssenkrupp AG, Corporate Strategy Department of China Minmetals, China Metallurgical Group and Minmetals Development, including Gao Yan (thyssenkrupp AG), Wang Yaokun (thyssenkrupp AG), Bi Haixu (thyssenkrupp AG), Zhang Mengxing, Liu Qingchun and Xue Fei, attended the meeting.