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Mr. Guo Wenqing Meets with Mr. Alexander Mashkovic, Chairman of Eurasian Resources Group

On March 26, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and MCC Chairman met with the visiting delegation of Mr. Alexander Mashkovic, Chairman of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG). The two sides had an in-depth discussion on further strengthening cooperation and exchanges.

Mr. Guo welcomed the delegation of Mr. Alexander Mashkovic and introduced the development after strategic reorganization of China Minmetals and MCC, two Fortune Global 500 companies. After the strategic reorganization, China Minmetals opened the whole metal mining industry chain from resource acquisition to exploration, design, construction, mining, mineral processing, smelting, logistics and trade. With managed assets of RMB 1.68 trillion and 200,000 staff members, it is now the only state-owned capital investment company in China and aims at developing itself into a leading company in China and even the world in metal mining sector. As a pioneer and main force in China iron and steel industry, MCC is the national team of China's metallurgical construction and enjoys 90% and 60% of metallurgical construction market share of China and the world respectively.

Mr. Guo pointed out that ERG is an internationally renowned company which has a friendly cooperation history with China Minmetals. It is a business partner that China Minmetals attaches great importance to and expects to open up further cooperation space with. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and explore opportunities for cooperation in mineral resources development, new energy power batteries, and resource trade to achieve complementary advantages and win-win results.

Mr. Alexander Mashkovic expressed his gratitude to Mr. Guo for his warm hospitality and China Minmetals’ opinion on ERG. He also expressed his admiration for China Minmetals’ development achievements and strategic planning. He said that ERG’s business covers nonferrous and ferrous metal resource development and smelting, energy development and logistics, and more, and chromium and cobalt resource reserves and its mining and smelting capacity all ranks top in the world. Alumina and electrolytic aluminum production capacity is outstanding. ERG hopes to strengthen cooperation with business partners with professional ability like China Minmetals to jointly promote the development of both parties’ businesses.

The two parties stated that a working group will be established as soon as possible to conduct business communication, and they will formulate and improve a high-level dialogue mechanism and conduct regular discussions on the business development.

CEO of ERG Benedikt Sobotka, China Minmetals’ officials Zhang Zhaoxiang and Jiao Jian attended the meeting. Others presented at the meeting included Wang Yun, Wu Shuliang and Guan Gao from ERG, and Xing Yan, Zhang Yi, Wu Shaohui, Xu Yongjie, Li Liangang and Zhang Jinhong from relevant departments of China Minmetals, MCC and Minmetals International Trust.