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Mr. Guo Wenqing Meets with Delegations Led by Deputy Secretary of CPC Harbin Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor Sun Zhe

On March 16, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman and Party Committee Secretary, met with delegations led by Mr. Sun Zhe, Deputy Secretary of CPC Harbin Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor of Harbin. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on further strengthening cooperation.

Mr. Guo Wenqing welcomed Mr. Sun Zhe and his delegation, and introduced development of China Minmetals in the past five years. He pointed out that China Minmetals and MCC, the two Fortune Global 500 companies, implemented a strategic reorganization on December 8, 2015. Through reorganization, assets managed by China Minmetals reached RMB 1.68 trillion and staff members recorded 200,000. China Minmetals is now the only state-owned capital investment company in China. In 2017, China Minmetals realized a revenue of RMB 500 billion and profit of RMB 13 billion. In financial business, China Minmetals is one of the three central government-owned enterprises obtaining a full-service financial license, and boasts strong capacities for investment, financing and resource allocation. The MCC positions itself as the “national team in metallurgical construction, main force in infrastructure construction and pacemaker in emerging industries” and possesses first-class technical strength as well as design and construction capacity in high-end housing construction, municipal transportation, energy saving, and theme park building.

Mr. Guo Wenqing said that China Minmetals and MCC always attach great importance to cooperation with local governments. As a major city in China, Harbin enjoys huge investment potential and broad development space. On the basis of our current cooperation, China Minmetals and MCC are expecting deeper and broader cooperation and an innovative cooperation mechanism to achieve mutual benefit and win-win result and contribute to fully revitalizing old industrial bases in the northeast.

Mr. Sun Zhe extended his gratitude to Mr. Guo for his warm welcome and to China Minmetals and MCC for their support to the development of Harbin. He introduced Harbin’s recent achievements in industrial upgrading and incubation, merger and reorganization of enterprises, and mixed ownership reform. He expressed that as one of the old industrial bases in the northeast, Harbin lags behind the eastern coastal areas in development after entering the new century, but it boasts good municipal infrastructure, mature supporting facilities and sufficient technical talents. CPC Harbin Municipal Committee and Harbin municipal government lay emphasis on government-enterprise cooperation with China Minmetals and MCC. It is expected that making full use of China Minmetals’ full-service financial license, we can conduct comprehensive, multi-faceted and systematic cooperation to jointly promote rapid economic and social development of Harbin.

Both sides said that they will further strengthen cooperation in fields including municipal transportation, infrastructure construction, prefabricated building, theme park building, and health and wellness tourism, etc. They also conducted exchanges and discussions on the current progress, problems and difficulties met in the current cooperation projects as well as solutions to them.

Mr. Wang Yanmin, deputy mayor of Harbin, and Mr. Li Fuli, Vice President and Party Group member of China Minmetals, attended the meeting. Others present at the meeting included Mr. Fang Zhenghui, Secretary General of Harbin government and Director-General of the General Office, Ms. Liu Jing, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Daowai District of Harbin City, heads of relevant departments from China Minmetals as well as others from MCC and China Minmetals Capital including Mr. Zhang Mengxing, Mr. Ren Zhufeng, Mr. Yin Sisong, Mr. Xue Fei, Mr. Lu Zhifang, Mr. Zhou Qing and Mr. Guo Zelin.