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Guo Wenqing Visits Retired Executives of China Minmetals

On February 9, days before the Chinese New Year, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman and Party Committee Secretary, led a delegation to visit Li Xinli, former member of the Party Group and head of the discipline inspection team of the Party Group, and Jing Tianliang, former Chairman of MCC. He inquired in detail about the physical and living conditions of Li and Jing, thanked them for their outstanding contribution to the company and wished them the best in the upcoming year.

Guo visited Li Xinli first. At Li’s home, he introduced the achievements the company made in 2017 and the direction and goal of development. Guo also shared his work experience as secretary of the discipline inspection committee and his love for the job. He then demanded the Organization Department of the Party Group and relevant units should provide quality services for the retirees to the satisfaction of both the Party Group and the recipients. Ms. Li thanked the Party Group for all the services and support delivered, and said she was happy to hear the company was doing very well in 2017 and hoped it would continue to march towards its goal. She added, though retired, she would continue to support the company as always, and play her due role in corporate development.

After leaving Li’s home, Guo visited Mr. Jing. He attributed the achievements China Minmetals and MCC made last year to the support of retired executives and the concerted efforts of all the current employees, and hoped the retirees would continue to contribute their wisdom and expertise to corporate development.

Mr. Jing thanked Guo for visiting and said he was glad to see the company growing from strength to strength. He hoped that the company would continue to follow closely national policies, advance corporate reform, pursue innovation-driven development, and build into a world-class company.

The visiting delegation also included Zhang Zhaoxiang, China Minmetals’ Vice President and Party Group member and MCC Executive Director and Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Lu Weidong, Party Group member and head of the discipline inspection team of China Minmetals, as well as Li Shiming, Li Yuzhuo and Qi Dongping from the headquarters of China Minmetals and MCC.