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Tang Fuping Visits Retired Executives and Experts of China Minmetals

On February 7, as the Chinese Lunar New Year was approaching, Mr. Tang Fuping, China Minmetals’ Party Group Secretary and Chairman, visited some retired executives and experts to thank them for their contribution to the corporate development and technological advancement and wished them all the best in the upcoming year.

Tang held talks with retired executives and experts Zhou Keren, Wang Yan, Chen Wendong, Liu Zhongliang, Miao Gengshu and Yu Runcang, either at the latter’s home or at the company, inquiring about their physical and living conditions and expressed New Year greetings on behalf of the Party Group. Tang introduced the achievements the company made in 2017 and its direction and goal of development, and thanked the retirees, on behalf of all the employees, for their outstanding contribution to the corporate development and technological advancement of the company. He said, “What we have today is the result of generations of hard work. We will always bear corporate development in mind, continue to develop our business system based on the foundation laid by our predecessors, improve our execution ability, stay united, pursue innovation-driven development, and build China Minmetals into a world-class metal mining company of high quality, high efficiency and huge benefits.”

The retirees thanked Tang for visiting and spoke highly of the company leadership’s efforts in strengthening Party leadership, pursuing steady progress and quality improvement, deepening reform and preventing and controlling risks in front of the complicated situation. They wished the company a more fruitful year. They showed particular interest in the company’s reform in the next step and its integration and consolidation, and offered suggestions on business operation, corporate management and technology innovation.

Tang said the Party Group attached great importance to retirees’ affairs, and hoped they would continue to support the company and contribute their wisdom and expertise to corporate development as always; the Organization Department of the Party Group and other units concerned shall show more support and care for the retirees, visit them more often, help them solve difficulties encountered in life, and provide considerate and targeted services for them.

Tang was accompanied by Dong Mingjun, China Minmetals’ Party Group Deputy Secretary and Vice President, as well as Zhang Mengxing, Zhang Ye, Wang Wenhai, Li Shiming, Pan Qing, Lu Zhifang and Wu Shaohui from the China Minmetals head office and the MCC.