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Sichuan Province Vice Governor, Ya'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ye Zhuang Investigates Tongtou Water Diversion Project Constructed by MCC5 GROUP

On September 19, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Ya'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ye Zhuang, deputy Secretary of Ya'an Municipal Committee, Mayor Lan Kai-chi and his party came to the second section of the Longxi River pouring rainbow pipe construction site of Tongtou divertion project constructed by MCC5 Group to investigate and check.

The head of Tongtou diversion project has reported the construction progress, safety and quality of the project since May 2016, and explained about the impact of the current environmental supervision on the project. Ye Zhuang listened to the report, and fully affirmed the contribution made by MCC5 Group to the city of Ya’an, and highly praised MCC’s spirit of " do not delay one day, do not slack one day ". Ye Zhuang required that the project should be safe and safety management should be strengthened to ensure safe production to meet the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and the 19th CPC National Congress. At the same time, all units should work together to solve the existing problems in time to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

It is reported that the water diversion project is of 18km length, of which 11 tunnels 13km long. Six tunnels has been through, all the line projects have been completed. It Is expected that all the projects will be completed in June next year.

Ya'an City Vice Mayor Baiyun and the relevant departments leaders of municipal government participated in the investigation.