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China Minmetals at 2017 China Mining Congress & Expo

From September 22 to 25, 2017 China Mining Congress & Expo, co-organized by the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and China Mining Association, was convened at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Themed on “Upholding the Silk Road spirit, promoting common mining prosperity”, the event drew attention to topics such as the global mining landscape and policies, mining investment and finance, exploration and development, green mining, etc. Conferees included China Minmetals’ Vice President and Party Group Deputy Secretary Li Fuli, executives of Minmetals Exploration & Development Co., Ltd., Minmetals International and Enfi.

On the morning of September 23, Vice Minister of Land and Resources Cao Weixing chaired the opening ceremony, with Minister of Land and Resources Jiang Daming, Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Hongzhong, Deputy Secretary and Mayor Wang Dongfeng, Australian Ambassador Ms Jan Adams and Li Fuli among the audience.

Following the opening ceremony, Jiang Daming, Cao Weixing, Li Hongzhong, Wang Dongfeng, Jan Adams, Peru’s Vice Minister for Mining Ricardo Labo and Peru’s Ambassador Juan Carlos Capunay visited China Minmetals’ exhibition booth. Li Fuli and Wang Jionghui, Assistant President of China Minmetals and General Manager of Minmetals Exploration & Development, briefed the guests on the profile, vision, mining strategy of and progress made under the Belt and Road Initiative by the company, in particular Las Bambas project in Peru, and demonstrated the application of virtual reality technology in mining.

Wearing a pair of 3D glasses, Jiang Daming carefully watched the demonstration and raised questions from time to time. He praised the system’s advanced technology and broad prospects of application and said it represented the highest level of mining technology in China. Later departmental heads concerned of the Ministry of Land and Resources also came to watch the system demonstration and share their ideas. Jiang also offered valuable suggestions on system improvement. The system is an industry leader in mining exploration, evaluation, design and development and caught much attention from senior government officials and other exhibitors at the event, attracting an endless stream of visitors.

 Las Bambas project of Minmetals International marks a key step for China Minmetals to grow into Asia’s biggest copper producer and one of the world’s top 10 copper producers. It will not only give Chinese companies a bigger say in the global metal market, but also significantly increase China’s copper supply. Jiang watched the project sand table closely and inquired in detail about project operation. Chief engineer Zhang Jinhong with Minmetals International gave a detailed account of the work done and the development plan of the project. Jiang suggested China Minmetals accelerate the progress and expand the scale of Las Bambas project, one of its star projects. On the sand table was the miniature ore dressing site of the attention-grabbing Las Bambas project. The amazing audio and lighting effects made it another highlight of China Minmetals’ exhibition.

On the afternoon of September 23, Wang Jionghui, Assistant President of China Minmetals and General Manager of Minmetals Exploration & Development, delivered a themed speech entitled “Work Together to Build a New Mining Landscape” at the CEO Forum. According to him, along with the gradual recovery of the global economy, the global mining industry has basically got out of the periodic bottom and entered into the phase of recovery, displaying the following new features: the mining industry will be increasingly divided, science and technology will redefine the mining development mode and environmental protection will play a big role in mining development. He remarked, “Facing changes and challenges, China Minmetals, as China’s biggest metal and mineral resources company, will shoulder the responsibilities for guaranteeing the national supply of metal and mineral resources, for corporate development and for mining development. We will strengthen external cooperation and internal synergy in aspects of resource acquisition, the establishment of mineral resource trading platforms, the development of new material industries, the application of big mining data, the development of smart mining industry, metallurgy and engineering construction, work safety, environmental protection, community relations and team building, etc. Upholding development concepts of ‘openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation’, we will respond to challenges and promote global mining prosperity through cooperation and innovation.” Wang’s speech found extensive echoes among his industry peers and press. Minmetals International’s chief engineer Zhang Jinhong gave a themed speech entitled “Jointly Promote Economic Prosperity in Peru through Win-win Cooperation” at the sub-forum on Peru’s mining industry. He reviewed China Minmetals’ global strategy, in particular its investment in Peru. Peru has become the company’s biggest overseas destination in terms of total investment amount and asset stock. Meanwhile, Chinese investment in Peru’s mining industry has exceeded 20 billion US dollars, taking up over 20% of the total, making China the biggest foreign investor in it. Peru has become China’s second biggest investment destination in Latin America. When asked about the reason for choosing Peru, Zhang attributed it to mutual political trust, abundant resources and a favorable investment environment.

China Mining Congress & Expo is Asia’s biggest mining feast and one of the world’s top four mining events. It gathers about 500 exhibitors and over 9,000 political and business representatives from around the world every year. At this year’s event, China Minmetals received over 1,000 visitors, including Chinese and foreign government officials, industry experts and ordinary visitors, demonstrated its strength in metal and mining by displaying project sand tables, making VR presentations, introducing key projects, and speaking at forums, built up its industry status and international image, and showcased its competitive edge and synergy strength in the exploration, design, consultancy, ore mining and dressing, metallurgy, and deep processing of metal and mineral resources, achieving its desired effect.